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The Showdown Ranch
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Registered Quarter Horses

Tc & Randy Peterson
22811-100th st NE
New London, MN
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Happy New year

It's the night before New Year, we're out in the barn

Blanketing horses to keep them all warm
They're eating their dinners, tucked in cozy stalls
Not aware that it's New Years eve or any special day at all

They can dream of spring pastures from their
pine-scented beds
No visions of sugarplums dance in their heads
But we people are thinking of merry parties and such

Maybe feeling a little sad at missing so much

This season is special but the horses don't know
We've got work to do before we can go
We finish the chores and head on inside
To get ready for dinner and our own yuletide

It's nearly midnight, the carols are sung
I remember a story I was told when I was young
How at midnight on New years Eve
The creatures of the barnyard can speak to us with ease

I am called to the barn, I wade through the snow
I know I must go, I can't really explain
I open the door, pause for a while
Then slowly walk down that dully lit aisle

A nicker from Sandy, a wink from Cody
Sleepy old Jose waking to see
Sage rustling her bedding, a snort soft and light
Each horse gave a greeting as I walked through the night

I thought about parties bright lit and warm
The ones we don't go to 'cause we have the barn
And vacations and holidays that we don't get
When we're working long hours for bills to be met

Walking all the way to the end of the aisle
I stop to stroke Roanie, it brings me a smile
She snuffles my face, hot breath on my skin
It starts me to thinking about my horses, my kin

I could be at parties with laughter and mirth
But where I am right now is the best place on Earth.

Happy New Year
Tc & Randy


















Sandy and Skip

Holli and Spade

Both had their foals, both colts.

pictures coming soon.